Where did that time go?

Uh, just noticed it’s been over ten days since I lasted posted a video. Well, I was really busy last week, but I’ll cut something in the next couple of days. Promise! Have loooaads of videos :) Stay tuned for more tailgating, indoor soccer intramurals, homecoming weekend, Oktoberfest and a partybus ride + Power&Light district in KC.

So long.

College football: KU – Southeast Missouri

So that was actually almost two weeks ago. My first college football game at KU! We didn’t really expect a lot, because KU’s football team is a little shitty, but surprisingly they even won that one! Probably the only game in the season ;) Anyways, we tailgated prior to the game at a house close-by and that was pretty cool :)

Baseball: Royals – Rangers

Third and last video from the KC trip. On Labor Day we went to the baseball game between the Kansas City Royals and the Texas Rangers. I’ll be honest and say that we enjoyed the tailgating more than the actual game :D Baseball is just a very tedious sport..There was one highlight though: Some random guy gave us $80 to buy beer, so the cans you see in the clip were all freee :D

Videoblog about my semester abroad in the United States


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