Long time no post

I’m finally back from an eight-day road trip through Texas and I’ve made excessive use of my GoPro. So much material and so little time to cut it. I will catch up with old stuff first and try to put out some films from New Orleans, because they’re really cool too. Pieces about Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and Houston are soon to follow.

Here are some impressions from the Lone Star State:

IMG_7230 IMG_7221 IMG_7205 IMG_7183 IMG_7161 IMG_7149 IMG_7139 IMG_7094 IMG_7086 IMG_7078 IMG_7022 IMG_7016 IMG_6978 IMG_6959 IMG_6943 IMG_6934

NFL game: New Orleans Saints – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

After going to a number of college football games at KU, we eventually made it to an NFL game. Three weeks ago, we watched the New Orleans Saints grind out a last-second win in overtime against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They played in the Mercedes Benz Superdome, which is a really impressive stadium I gotta say. But check out for yourself.

Videoblog about my semester abroad in the United States


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